1. Records Management: THE Critical Program For Patient Safety And Business Success

    Managing information in the form of data, documents and records is arguably one of the most crucial activities for healthcare providers. Making critical strategic decisions, serving patients and their families, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and processing admissions, prescription, clinician and insurance transactions all depend on information that is easily accessible and entirely precise.

  2. 10 Point Guide To Selecting The Right Mobile Computer Cart

    The evaluation and selection pro­cess of mobile carts can be a daunting task for healthcare pro­fessionals. This 10 point checklist can be your guide to understanding the ins and outs of modern mobile computer cart technology, and how to determine which cart is right for your healthcare facility.

  3. AT&T Video Capture Product Brief

    AT&T Video Capture offers businesses a simple, comprehensive cloud-based solution for live video sharing from mobile workers back to their coworkers at the office.

  4. Are Your Forms Costing You?
    HSC, also known as the Hospital for Sick Children, is like most healthcare organizations feeling a strong push to go electronic. The hospital selected an EHR solution from HMS to address these initiatives in the clinical setting, however HSC had already identified another paper-laden challenge to address — preprinted forms.
  5. 10 Criteria For Mobile Carts That Meet Nursing, IT, And C-Level Needs
    The mobile computer cart landscape for addressing EMR, CPOE, and BMV requirements is immense, so having a comprehensive checklist is vital for choosing the best product to carry out your care giving, technical support, and ROI goals. By Matt Rossini, Marketing and Communications Manager, JACO, Inc.
  6. SATO HealthCARE ID Solutions

    SATO America is a leading provider of bar code application solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Solutions specific to the needs of our customers for: patient identification and safety, package tracking, and property tracking.

  7. M84Pro Series

    When you need the muscle of an industrial printer, SATO’s M84Pro printer series is the one industry solution that customers around the world rely upon. Featuring its industrial full-metal construction the M84Pro has the strength to tackle the most demanding requirements on the shop floor, shipping dock, or any other harsh environment requiring dependable 24x7 operations.

  8. SATO M10e Wide Web Printer

    SATO's new M10e was designed with manufacturing applications in mind. This bar code printer creates labels up to a full 10.5 inches wide at a speed of up to 5 inches per second.

  9. White Paper: A 5-Point Mobile Computing Cart Buyer’s Guide For Nurses
    There is quite a bit of new technology, features, and options involved in the construction and configuration of mobile carts today. This five point buyer’s guide lays out some simple criteria to help breakdown the evaluation process. By JACO Inc.
  10. M-10 e- 10.5-Inch Wide Web Printer

    SATO's new M-10 e was designed with manufacturing applications in mind.