Product Showcase

  1. SATO HealthCARE ID Solutions

    SATO America is a leading provider of bar code application solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Solutions specific to the needs of our customers for: patient identification and safety, package tracking, and property tracking.

  2. M84Pro Series

    When you need the muscle of an industrial printer, SATO’s M84Pro printer series is the one industry solution that customers around the world rely upon. Featuring its industrial full-metal construction the M84Pro has the strength to tackle the most demanding requirements on the shop floor, shipping dock, or any other harsh environment requiring dependable 24x7 operations.

  3. SATO M10e Wide Web Printer

    SATO's new M10e was designed with manufacturing applications in mind. This bar code printer creates labels up to a full 10.5 inches wide at a speed of up to 5 inches per second.

  4. Spectra Logic Data Backup And Archival Solutions For Healthcare
    The Spectra Logic T-series libraries add an extra layer of data security by offering integrated AES-256 bit encryption, letting you encrypt and backup data in a single step. With Spectra libraries, you can readily comply with HIPAA privacy and retention requirements mandated for stored data.
  5. Motion Computing Motion C5: Mobile Tablet PC
    The Motion C5, the first mobile clinical assistant (MCA) that integrates technology from Intel® Health, combines durable design elements with key data capture technologies to simplify workflows, increase productivity, and improve overall quality of care. Designed based on input from thousands of clinicians, the C5 brings reliable, automated patient data management directly to the point of care. Get a handle on patient care with the C5. It’s highly portable and lightweight.
  6. Wi-Fi Base Active RFID: PanGo Networks: PanGo Locator
    Assets worth millions of dollars are constantly on the move in most large businesses and institutions, and tracking them is often a major challenge. From critical equipment to key personnel, quickly locating and effectively deploying or servicing important assets and resources is critical to success in organizations worldwide.
  7. Telemonitoring Offers Home Care Patients Improved Health, Peace Of Mind
    Living with a serious medical condition like congestive heart failure (CHF) often means days of uncertainty and fear...
  8. ON CALL Mobility Alert
    The new EHOB ON CALL Mobility Alert aids the caregiver in preventing falls and injuries of the critically ill or those confined to a bed or a chair...
  9. Hula for Health
    Hula for Health blends the graceful movements of hula into a unique fitness program that will improve your strength, flexibility and balance; both physical and spiritual
  10. Harloff Model 6132 5 Drawer Standard Value Line Emergency Cart Package with Key Lock
    Standard Features: Tall Cabinet (30 inches / 76.2cm) with key locking system. Vinyl-wrapped full wrap-around bumper system. Five-inch (12.7cm) urethane single-wheel caster set, full swivel – two with brake.