Product Showcase

  1. Barrier Free Lifts Slings
    The Barrier Free Lifts Sling System fulfills a wide range of functional demands
  2. Harloff Model 6151 Specialty Value Line Emergency Cart Package with Storage Compartment
    Standard Features: Tall Cabinet (30 inches / 76.2cm) with key locking system. Vinyl-wrapped full wrap-around bumper system. Five-inch (12.7cm) urethane single-wheel caster set, full swivel – two with brake.
  3. TotaLift-250
    Do you dread lifting patients? Are you concerned about your safety as well as theirs? Don't worry — the TotaLift-250
  4. Policy and Procedure Wizard
    This interactive PowerPoint presentation explains the process of behavior management while it interactively builds your policy and procedure.
  5. Medica 28 & Medica 28 Plus
    Reusable Sterilizing and Disinfecting Solution
  6. GeroServices Behavior Management in Long-term Care: Advanced Course
    The Behavior Management advanced course is written for administrators, managers, nursing and care planning professionals.
  7. Harloff Model 6965-1 Economy Punchcard Medication Cart
    Standard Features: Stainless steel combination top rail/push handle. Removable plastic top. Keylocking cabinet. Wrap-around padded bumper.
  8. WAFFLE M.R.S. Models 1 & 2
    Pressure ulcer prevention for all levels of risk and healing therapy up to Stage III
  9. TotaLift-SPL
    Motorized sit-to-stand lift. For patients where the movement from sitting to standing is difficult, the
  10. Model 6511-1 Infection control cart
    Features of the Model 6511-1 Infection Control Cart