Product Showcase

  1. WAFFLE WHOLE HEALER Brand Treatment Overlay
    Pressure ulcer treatment thru Stage IV including eschar
  2. WAFFLE Extended Care & M.A.D. Pump
    Overlays provide non-gradient pressure and minimize shear along the entire body. The single chamber, low profile design maximizes area of contact and allows patient to float in the mattress.
  3. WAFFLE Extended Care Plus & M.A.D. Pump
    Pressure ulcer prevention for all levels of risk & healing therapy up to Stage III
  4. WAFFLE Chair Pad & M.A.D. Pump
    Our WAFFLE® Geriatric Chair Pad is a perfect fit to protect the patient's entire body.
  5. Foot WAFFLE Heel Elevator
    Heel and lower extremity protection & healing therapy thru Stage IV pressure ulcer
  6. M.R.S. 3
    Featuring an advanced static flotation therapy, the M.R.S. 3 Mattress Replacement System provides a treatment environment favorable to effective nursing care and homeostatic healing.
  7. Pelvic Muscle Toning Program
    StepFree is a pelvic muscle toning program for female bladder control
  8. Lace-in Liners
    Bussard makes a variety of insert and lace-in liners for carts in a full range of colors and size options. The finest of antibacterial and flame-retardant fabrics are used, manufactured to be cleaned again and again without losing their special properties
  9. Male Continence Device
    The C3 Male Continence Device features a contoured, cradle-like design and elastic strap that minimizes excessive pressure by distributing
  10. Powder-Free Exam Gloves
    AccuTouch is a non-chlorinated, powder-free, textured examination glove that is polymer-lined for quick and easy donning...