WAFFLE M.R.S. Model 3

Source: EHOB, Incorporated
WAFFLE M.R.S. Model 3
Pressure ulcer treatment thru Stage IV including eschar
Indications for use: Pressure ulcer treatment thru Stage IV including eschar.
  • Longer life expectancy due to the Eurothane construction of WAFFLE brand interdigitated air inserts and a durable, high-density, high ILD one-piece construction of the DermaCare foam
  • Shear reducing cover is impervious to fluids, yet vapor permeable
  • Handles provide easy transport and VELCRO fasteners secure product to frame
  • Hand Check Tunnel (patent pending) provides easy access to WAFFLE brand inserts for quick and accurate inflation checks.
  • Pressure, friction and shear are dramatically decreased because the patient is cradled in air
  • Minimal maintenance for caregiver
  • Cover and foam are antimicrobial and flame retardant
  • Reduced infection risk from bioaerosol contaminents
  • Five year limited warranty

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