News | January 6, 2021

VillageCareMAX Offers Telehealth Through Partnership With Adracare

New York /PRNewswire/ - VillageCareMAX, a managed care plan operated by VillageCare, has announced a partnership with Adracare, a leading provider in virtual care and practice management solutions, to enhance the quality and accessibility of health care services offered to its members.

The partnership is set to revolutionize the way VillageCareMAX has engaged its members by enhancing workflows and interactions with them as well as their providers of care. VillageCareMAX offers low- or no-cost health plans for individuals eligible for Medicaid or both Medicare & Medicaid and live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. As may be the case for most long-term care plans, VillageCareMAX members may have multiple chronic illnesses, numerous functional limitations requiring assistance with daily living tasks, and a high incidence of cognitive impairment.

VillageCareMAX identified Adracare as a suitable partner to implement a telemedicine and practice management solution that would enable the digitalization of relevant workflows while meeting cost, timing, and specific custom requirements. The Adracare platform unifies several core functionalities in one single platform, intending to provide a unique entry point for members to receive digital care and allow providers to follow patients in their journey through the care continuum.

With the use of Adracare's telemedicine solution, a wide range of services can be conducted at home, giving patients the option to remain in place in a comfortable setting, alleviating any accessibility barriers. Appointments are booked online, patient communications are sent via email and text messaging, and a virtual visit may occur, all within the same technology environment.

"We are delighted to partner with Adracare in providing a telehealth option to our members," said Emma DeVito, President, and CEO of VillageCare. "In these unsure times of this pandemic, it was important for us to develop alternative care delivery options to our members to ensure that they are safe while continuing to gain access to quality health care."

"Our team has experience setting up clients in various clinical settings, and we will continue supporting VillageCareMAX with various enhancements and configurations as we evolve in this partnership," said Olivier Giner, CEO of Adracare.

About Adracare Inc.
Adracare is a complete yet simple virtual clinical solution designed for outpatient clinics, whether stand-alone or enterprise. Health care practitioners are with a suite of tools, including videoconference, online booking and messaging, in-session charting, and many more features that simplify their clinics' management while also making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients. Visit for more details.

About VillageCareMAX
VillageCareMAX is a managed care plan operated by VillageCare in New York City, specifically to the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens boroughs. The Plan offers three plan options for individuals that are Medicaid and Medicare-eligible and have long-term care needs. This includes VillageCareMAX MLTC, which is currently the 5th largest Plan in New York City, while VillageCareMAX Medicare Total Advantage is the 3rd largest MAP Plan in New York State. VillageCare is a not-for-profit continuing care organization that offers post-acute care, community services, and managed care options to people living in New York City. For more information, visit

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