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Senior Living Communities Use Technology To Provide High Level Of Care, Reassurance To Family Members

BridgeWater Assisted Living and Solterra Senior Living Communities Maximize Patient Care with Top-of-the-Line Technology

Scottsdale, AZ /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Technology for senior care has expanded beyond the well known "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Life Alert button, with the global market expected to reach $914 billion by 2025. Within this growth are new devices that track sleep patterns, heart rate and daily activity, keeping families of independent and assisted living residents up-to-date on the health of their loved ones. Solterra Companies has implemented this technology in order to provide more independence and higher quality of life. Their high tech nurse call system, Care Predict, is wireless and also tracks residents' daily health stats. Care Predict notices small changes in seniors and can alert loved ones of serious health issues, before they even happen.

ALIS (pronounced "Alice") stands for Assisted Living Integrated Solution. With a comprehensive suite of eHR tools, ALIS software solves the important challenges assisted living communities face using fast, secure technology. Growing portfolios prefer ALIS because they are able to manage compliance across state lines, take advantage of full eMAR management and drug counting, integrated assessments, family engagement and more.

Care Predict and ALIS communicate with one another, serving as the patient call system and electronic health records. Caregivers can easily review and chart with these technologies working together.

"ALIS has been a welcome addition to the technology we use and how it integrates with Care Predict," said Peter DeMangus, chief business development officer at Solterra Companies. "ALIS provides our team of caregivers with the ability to anticipate any change in condition for a resident, proactive healthcare, and it also aids in fall prevention."

"We're able to deploy technology to keep residents healthier. It also decreases the time spent on charting and tracking patients so that more time can be spent focused on the quality of care," said DeMangus.

Solterra Senior Living and BridgeWater Assisted Living communities strive to provide compassionate care in a comfortable and respectful manner. Using state-of-the-art technology to track patient care, the communities offer the Care Predict digital health platform specially created for senior care as well as TapRoot Interventions & Solutions' digital assistant, Ella®. Ella® assists caregivers in personalizing approaches and interventions for residents experiencing Alzheimer's and Dementia related symptoms. TapRoot developed Ella to support caregivers, enabling them to gain fast and convenient information regarding each resident, their specific behavioral episodes and two to four suggested nonpharmacological interventions to mitigate dementia-related behaviors. This helps to address aggressive behaviors and mitigate outbursts.

"Overall, technology continues to be a big focus in nearly all industries as we enter 2024. Solterra continues to invest in technology and completed the roll out of ALIS. With a comprehensive suite of eHR tools, ALIS software solves the important challenges assisted living communities face using fast and secure technology. The goal is to automate our processes, from admissions to discharge, with real-time information. Onboarding a new resident and managing their ongoing care using technology gives us a clearer snapshot of the resident's health status and allows caregivers to be more efficient. Technology allows us to gather current data and track changes that are needed in the continuum of care. This data allows for easier conversations with family when a resident needs more care because there is real data there to back up the resident's care plan," said Steve Jorgenson, CEO of Solterra Companies.

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