News | April 4, 2022

Saxony Court Senior Living Deploys Vocera Solutions To Elevate Resident Experience

Wearable communication devices will allow residents and staff to communicate more efficiently at the senior living community

East Peoria, IL /PRNewswire/ - Saxony Court Senior Living, a senior community, has been gearing up with staff and resident training in preparation for the April 1, 2022 launch date.

The wearable, voice-controlled Vocera Badge and Smartbadge enables care team members to quickly communicate and collaborate using simple voice commands like, "call room 100" and "call the front desk." The independent and assisted living residents will be able to receive assistance at the touch of a button. Residents will wear the Badge, push the button, and immediately be connected to staff, who will be wearing the Smartbadge. Two-way communication via these wearable devices is a major upgrade from standard call lights as residents can connect directly with staff, who can quickly prioritize resident care. It also allows residents to feel acknowledged while they wait for assistance.

Additionally, the Smartbadge enables team members to send and receive secure messages and manage alert and alarm notifications. The dedicated panic button on the device is designed to make it faster and easier for staff to get help in emergency situations.

Moe Freedman, President of Accolade Healthcare reviews the 'why' behind implementing the Vocera solution stating, "Technology use and staff efficiency have been key points for senior care operators during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Vocera solution will allow our staff to focus on resident care while leaving call light productivity and accelerated communication to the wearable devices. Our residents are happy to hear Vocera solutions will assist in lowering response times, which will create better customer service outcomes."

Current residents at Saxony Court Senior Living have received group and 1:1 training to ensure they are familiar and comfortable with the communication device.

About Saxony Court Senior Living
Saxony Cour Senior Living is an Assisted and Independent Living Community in East Peoria, IL. Accolade Healthcare, parent company, acquired the community on July 1,2021. We provide a range of senior care services: Respite Care, Outpatient Therapy, Hospice Services and more to our community members.

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Source: Saxony Court Senior Living

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