Company Profile | September 28, 1999


Source: Ohmeda
Ohmeda Datex-Ohmeda is the largest division of Instrumentarium Corporation and represents the Group's core business, anesthesia and critical care. Datex-Ohmeda specializes in products and services designed to facilitate better patient care and to enable healthcare providers to manage these patient care processes more efficiently and economically.

Datex-Ohmeda's strategic goal is to become the leading supplier of equipment and systems for anesthesia and critical care providers in the world. The division possesses the key technologies necessary for leadership in the monitoring of the patient's vital signs, delivering anesthetic agents, ventilating the lungs and managing critical care information. From its roots in proprietary gas monitoring and ventilation technology, Datex-Ohmeda has become one of the world`s leading companies in its field and today is the largest global supplier of anesthesia monitors.