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Neurofenix Launched A Virtual Clinic For Home-Based Neuro Rehab In Florida

The Florida Headquartered Firm is Partnering with Hospitals, ACOs and Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities to Extend Post-Stroke Rehab to Patients' Homes

Naples, FL /PRNewswire/ - Neurofenix has begun helping patients in Florida, especially post-stroke, to make their brave neuro recovery work highly convenient and effective, guided by the clinic's virtual therapists.

"Post-stroke rehabilitation, and other forms of neuro rehab, have helped millions of patients over the years return to doing the things they love," said Guillem Singla Buxarrais, CEO & Cofounder of Neurofenix. "Historically, neuro rehab has taken place in-person at hospitals and other facilities, and our big idea is to enhance in-patient rehab with also a home offering, to include far more patients and prompt yet more comebacks."

Neurofenix developed a simple to use but highly efficacious home device called the NeuroBall™, along with a whole body program, to inspire patients to perform varied exercises aimed at improving motor skills and functional ability, all from the comfort of their homes. It ships with its own tablet, where our virtual therapists can guide, coach, and encourage the patient with video visits and texting.

The Neurofenix post-stroke program addresses three key areas: Upper and Lower Limb Mobility, and Ambulation (functional mobility). The resolute focus is on helping patients return to activities of daily life, especially those that give them joy.

"I had a stroke in 2021 that affected my right side," said Rose G, a patient who started with Neurofenix in February of this year. "Living with my children and grandkids, I wanted to resume daily activities as soon as possible but couldn't attend in-person rehab due to lack of transportation."

"Using Neurofenix every day for four months at home, I eagerly shared my progress with my therapist each week on video calls. Now, I can button my shirt, easily pick up game pieces, chop vegetables, do the laundry, and write a grocery list."

Neurofenix partners with Hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs). "Join us in revolutionizing the path to recovery! Let's shatter the barriers between care silos and pave the way for transformative healing. Together, we can ensure that every individual receives unwavering support and personalized attention from the same dedicated therapy team, from the moment they step into rehab to the triumphant return home. Join our mission to deliver consistent, effective personalized neuro therapy from hospital to home," said Angela Greene, Vice President of Business Development at Neurofenix.

Neurofenix is up and running in the State of Florida today, and moving to other states later this year.

About Neurofenix
Neurofenix is a pioneering virtual care company dedicated to transforming neurological rehabilitation. Founded in 2016, Neurofenix combines sensor-based technology and telemedicine to deliver personalized at-home neuro-rehabilitation programs. The company's flagship product, the NeuroBall™, enables patients to perform upper exercises from the comfort of their own homes, supported by remote monitoring and real-time feedback through a dedicated Patient App. This innovative approach helps patients achieve significant improvements in their recovery journey by increasing the number of movement repetitions and fostering motivation through engaging digital games and activities.

Neurofenix's programs have been developed with input from over 500 therapists and patients. The company's dedication to clinical validation and patient-centric technology has made it a leader in the field, offering a convenient, evidence-based enhancement to traditional in-person therapy. With a commitment to radically expanding access to high-quality rehabilitation, Neurofenix is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of neurological patients in Florida and beyond.

Source: Neurofenix

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