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Inspiren Partners With Generations Healthcare To Improve Quality Of Care With Smart Technology On The West Coast

Inspiren’s scalable technology, AUGi, now provides continuous, adaptable, intelligent patient insight to clinicians across the United States.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) - Inspiren, a nurse-led technology company, announced its partnership with Generations Healthcare, an innovative group that operates 28 skilled nursing facilities across California and Nevada. This partnership marks the startup’s first time introducing its proprietary technology, AUGi, on the West Coast. AUGi has now been implemented in senior care and acute care settings in Texas, Florida, New York and New Jersey, demonstrating the scalability of the technology.

The AUGi device combines multiple advanced sensing technologies — including computer vision, edge AI, local data processing and environmental sensors — to improve patient safety and staff efficiency. The introduction of the device represents one of the first times this type of technology has been used to protect vulnerable populations.

“AUGi solves a fundamental problem,” said Mike Wang, CEO of Inspiren. “We as caregivers have no idea what’s going on with a patient if we’re not in front of them. By using AI, caregivers can automatically know when a patient is in potential danger or receive intelligent insights to help us better attend to and check on the patient along the way. This fundamentally changes the way we check on and care for patients.”

“Patient care and safety have always been a huge focus at Temecula Healthcare Center,” said Jim Geddie, administrator of Generations’ Temecula facility, which has implemented AUGi. “Through our partnership with AUGi, we are able to invest in better care for our patients and improve our patient outcomes.”

Inspiren also aims to use AUGi to improve the lives of patients’ families.

“When someone falls and gets hurt, losing autonomy, it has a huge impact on them and their family. This product reduces suffering and unnecessary harm. I am proud to pursue this mission and expand it so that people are saved from unnecessary suffering and harm,” Wang said.

AUGi is a nurse-led and nurse-founded technology. It doesn’t interfere with or add processes to bedside staff. Rather, it integrates with what clinicians are already doing.

“Patient safety and employee burnout are two major concerns for us,” said Sonny Kessler, director of nursing at Temecula Healthcare Center. “With this partnership, Generations is investing in better care for our patients as well as improving the morale of our staff. Anything that can help guarantee consistency in excellence of care is huge, and it’s not easy to do without AUGi. We are grateful for the prompt responses and fall prevention AUGi has made possible so far!”

“We are proud to be a clinician-led and clinician-founded company,” Wang said. “Our clinical perspective goes into every step of the process, from how we develop the product, to the user experience, to final patient outcomes. It’s in our DNA. The AUGi makes clinicians’ lives easier and their work less burdensome.”

Inspiren is working with its clients to leverage the unique capability of AUGi to establish new benchmarks for safety for the rest of the industry. The device produces objective data through an automated data generation process. Rather than being housed in a database and detached from clinicians, that data is literally in the hands of caregivers, affecting their work from shift to shift. This enables the technology to be scalable and easy to use for organizations of differing levels of IT sophistication.

“Relying only on human observation is not sustainable or scalable,” Wang said. “AUGi solves a people problem in the market. Leveraging AI to care for patients is aligned with direction of the market.”

Inspiren plans to leverage additional strategic partnerships to roll out this technology across senior care, hospital care and even pediatrics. These partnerships are empowering, both to Inspiren and the industry, allowing Inspiren to extend this powerful technology to a larger market.

About Inspiren
Inspiren is a nurse-led, nurse-founded technology company amplifying the care capacity of healthcare enterprises through a singular, AI-driven, interoperable platform called AUGi.

AUGi (Augmented Intelligence) is a wall-mounted device that automatically analyzes clinically significant events within a patient’s care environment. Using its advanced sensors, AI and intuitive mobile and web applications, AUGi provides unparalleled real-time insight into patient safety and clinical efficiency. Designed as a powerful IoT (Internet of Things) and interoperable platform, AUGi also serves as a data integration hub for all patient care technology. Inspiren’s HQ is located in New Lab, the 84,000-sq.-ft. technology innovation center in Brooklyn, NY.

To learn more about Inspiren, please visit us at

About Generations Healthcare
Generations Healthcare began operations in January 1998 with a single, 89-bed skilled nursing facility. Today, Generations operates 28 skilled nursing facilities throughout California, along with one facility in Henderson, Nevada. The company also specializes in behavioral healthcare, with three dedicated mental healthcare facilities and plans to add more. Other specialties include memory care, assisted living and rehabilitation.

Generations Healthcare was founded upon the belief that caring for the sick, the elderly and the infirm is a special and sacred stewardship. Guided by the values of kindness, competence and compassion, Generations has established an excellent reputation in the communities served by its facilities because of its focus on quality, service and regard for the changes facing adults in today’s world. For more information about Generations Healthcare, visit

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