News | September 26, 2019

Griswold Home Care Continues To Build Strong Relationships With Clients

It is natural for some seniors who receive in-home or live-in care in Burlington, VT, and the rest of The Champlain Valley to feel apprehensive about having a caregiver in their home. For family members, a caregiver could be a reminder of the changes in their loved one, and for seniors, in-home care can be a reminder of the things they can no longer do. The professional caregivers at Griswold Home Care value seniors and their loved ones and want nothing more than to aid them in this transition.

The companionship and encouragement they provide are necessary through all types of care. Building a bond with seniors and their loved ones is an essential step in improving their well-being and quality of life in their home. After all, they need to feel comfortable in seeing support and assistance from their home caregiver in times of need.

Both seniors and their family members will ultimately benefit from building a strong relationship with in-home caregivers. A trusting bond will ensure their mental well-being, provide companionship, and offer peace of mind. The best way to build trust and companionship with caregivers is to clearly define needs and expectations. It is important for seniors and family members to be clear and upfront about what they expect so that the caregiver learns the needs, boundaries, and personal preferences of the individual they are caring for.

The Griswold Home Care team is highly trained and experienced in providing a high standard of senior care. Not only are they patient and caring, but they listen actively. For more information, visit

Source: Griswold Home Care Northern Vermont