News | October 11, 2007

Document Scanning: BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Makes It Easier For Healthcare Organizations To Scan Long Documents


Hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare organizations can digitize documents of unlimited length easily and reliably thanks to an enhancement to BÖWE BELL + HOWELL's Truper Series scanners.

BBH developed long document handling for its low-volume production scanners to allow healthcare institutions to convert vital long documents -- such as fetal monitoring and electrocardiogram (EKG) strips -- into sharp electronic images. The technology eliminates the labor-intensive process of cutting long documents into measured sections or mounting them on standard size sheets prior to scanning.

Truper scanners will include long document scanning as a standard, "user- selectable" feature. In other words, healthcare users can easily activate the technology through the scanner's interface without help from an IT professional.

"The healthcare industry faces many regulations for the management of medical records. EKGs and other long documents can make compliance more complicated," said Russell Hunt, president of BBH Scanners. "Now Truper lets these organizations easily scan documents that are hundreds, or even thousands, of feet without interruption. Reducing the pre-scan preparation time can save hospitals a lot of money."

Ideal for the document imaging needs of everyday business, Truper scans up to 62 standard size pages per minute (106 images per minute) and 10,000 pages per day — the highest daily duty cycle in its category. It can scan long documents with JPEG compression in color, bitonal or grayscale.

Preserves Crucial Patient Records

"Each day, hospitals admit thousands of women who are nearing end of term. Healthcare professionals rely on electronic monitors to ensure fetal wellbeing as well as the safety of mothers-to-be during a critical phase of their pregnancies," said Hunt.

"Afterward though, providers need an easy, low-cost way to preserve records of these patients' health. With long document scanning, we've helped to guarantee that recordkeeping is complete and painless, including the preservation of crucial fetal monitor printouts."

With long document scanning activated, Truper scanners can switch easily between long document and regular page length modes. For instance, a hospital scanner operator can alternate scanning fetal monitoring strips with HCFA forms without making manual adjustments to scanner values or drivers.

All Truper scanners shipped after Sept. 30, 2007, will include long document handling. Existing Truper owners who wish to upgrade can contact their authorized service provider to install the new long document handling firmware.

About BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Scanners
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