News | August 19, 2008

Dakim's [m]Power Adopted By 150 Senior Living Communities; Cognitive Fitness System Combats Memory Loss & Dementia

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dakim Inc. announced today that its [m]Power® Cognitive Fitness System has now been adopted by more than 150 senior living communities to help residents protect themselves against dementia. More senior living providers use [m]Power than any other brain fitness program because it is the only solution built for the long-term use found to be critical in combating memory loss, typically requires no caregiver assistance, and is highly cost-effective because of the self-service nature of the system.

[m]Power's emphasis on promoting sustained use is rooted in numerous medical research studies showing that consistent, long-term mental stimulation is essential to reducing the risk of memory loss and dementia, apparently by building a ‘cognitive reserve' that can help compensate for brain aging. One 21-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that the risk can be lowered by as much as 63%. Prominent experts on brain health and aging assisted Dakim in developing [m]Power features to address these findings.

With Country Meadows of Hershey, PA, becoming the 150th community to add Dakim's [m]Power to their resident wellness programming, the system is in use in 21 states and multiple care settings including independent retirement, assisted living and skilled nursing communities, adult day care centers and senior centers. These facilities represent over 30,000 residents aged 55 to 100-plus, with more than 145,000 [m]Power sessions ‘played' to date.

Users include Sunrise Senior Living, Front Porch Communities, Diakon Lutheran Services, Ecumen, Eskaton, Benchmark Assisted Living, and Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging. Several neurologists and a local Alzheimer's Association chapter office have also purchased the system.

"What attracted us to Dakim's [m]Power is the fact that users have fresh activities in every session so that their interest and engagement is sustained over time," said Douglas Edwards, Director of Fund Development for Westminster Gardens in Duarte, California, part of the Southern California Presbyterian Homes. "Other products are static. You buy a CD, put it in the computer, and that's it. People get bored and stop using them. Dakim has found a way to keep people coming back to challenge their ability, and that's what our residents are doing."

The Dakim [m]Power provides proprietary senior-friendly brain-building activities that are presented in a game show-like format, updated every few days, and played on a touch screen computer appliance that requires no mouse, keyboard, computer knowledge or software loading by care providers. The system self-adjusts the level of challenge for ability levels ranging from active seniors to early-stage Alzheimer's patients, enabling most seniors to use it without help from caregivers.

Each 20- to 30-minute session exercises short- as well as long-term memory, critical thinking, visuospatial ability, calculation and language for a thorough brain workout. Activities range from anagrams and name-that-tune challenges to interactive puzzles and narrated literary passages with follow-up questions. Colorful screen images, stories, voiceovers, pre-1950s film and music clips that tap into seniors' memory banks, and a constant supply of new exercises keep users engaged and encourage sustained use.

Online demos of assorted [m]Power exercises are available at A free 30-day trial is available to qualified senior living communities by calling Dakim Inc. at (800) 856-5502.

About Dakim, Inc.

Dakim, Inc., is the leading provider of brain fitness programs designed to help seniors reduce their risk of memory loss and dementia. The company's [m]Power Cognitive Fitness System is a touch screen-based mental stimulation system that offers a constantly changing series of rigorous but entertaining multimedia activities to help seniors preserve brain function. Home users can use it to combat a decline in brain function; institutions and home caregivers can use it to provide effective mental stimulation while reducing the cost of resident care. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit

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