News | November 7, 2023

Clover Health And WellBe Senior Medical Partner To Bring In-Home Medical Care To Atlanta Patients And Across Rural Georgia

Atlanta, GA /PRNewswire/ - Clover Health and WellBe Senior Medical have teamed up to deliver home-based medical care to residents of Georgia living with multiple complex health conditions. By providing a new option for home-based medical care, Clover is helping its members achieve their health goals with access to quality care through WellBe's in-home visits. WellBe Senior Medical puts patients first by delivering medical visits to members at their home. With just one phone call, Clover members meeting clinical eligibility can have a WellBe clinician come to their door when needed, 24/7.

"In-home medical care is making a comeback, and is an important step in making sure that vulnerable patients living with multiple chronic conditions are able to take control of their health." stated Jeff Kang, MD, CEO of WellBe Senior Medical. "Many of us know someone in our lives facing complex illnesses and have challenges getting to the doctor's office. We are very excited to be teaming up with Clover, making WellBe's in-home medical care model available to thousands of members in the Atlanta area. Instead of patients traveling to the doctor's office when they get sick, our doctors travel to the patient."

WellBe Senior Medical is an in-home medical care group specializing in caring for individuals with multiple chronic conditions. WellBe's care team works with members, their caregivers, and physicians to identify a personalized Complete Care™ plan. In addition to regular medical visits, eligible members will also gain access to valuable community resources, including 24/7 urgent care.

"In-home healthcare is increasing in value, as it removes barriers for the most vulnerable patients, who may experience challenges traveling to the doctor's office. Many of our members are living with multiple chronic conditions, and a personalized care plan is essential to their overall health. Our partnership with WellBe Senior Medical will give members access to personalized medical care in the comfort of their homes." states Brady Priest, CEO of Clover Home Care.

WellBe's approach to medical care covers all aspects of a person's health, with a team consisting of doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, and paramedics. Eligible Clover members will now have access to medical care at home, including regular visits and urgent care – at no additional cost.

To see if you or a loved one is eligible to receive care from WellBe Senior Medical, call 1-855-492-7642 (TTY: 711).

About Clover
Clover Health (Nasdaq: CLOV) is a physician enablement company committed to bringing access to great healthcare to everyone on Medicare. This includes a health equity-based focus on seniors who have historically lacked access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Our strategy is powered by our software platform, Clover Assistant, which is designed to aggregate patient data from across the healthcare ecosystem to support clinical decision-making and improve health outcomes through the early identification and management of chronic disease. We operate two distinct lines of business: Insurance and Non-Insurance. Through our Insurance line of business, we provide PPO and HMO Medicare Advantage plans in several states, with a differentiated focus on our flagship wide-network, high-choice PPO plans.

About WellBe Senior Medical
WellBe Senior Medical provides home-based medical care (HBMC) to patients who are facing multiple complex health challenges. WellBe's healthcare experts are committed to providing personalized Complete Care™ wherever our patients call home. Our care team works together with patients, their caregivers, and physicians to nurture all aspects of health. For more information, or to see if you or a loved one is eligible to receive care from WellBe Senior Medical please visit

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