News | November 14, 2017

Clinical Care Group Launches Business Platform For Consultant Pharmacists

Richardson, TX (PRWEB) - Clinical Care Group™ (CCG), a business platform which enables consultant pharmacists to unlock new revenue streams and improve patient outcomes by providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services in long term care, announced their launch at the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

CCG combines the only cloud-based and fully integrated consulting software, OpalCare ™ with capabilities to identify MTM opportunities, simplify completion and automate reporting, processing and reimbursement management for independent consultant pharmacists. OpalCare, which can also be used for completing Medication Regimen Reviews (MRRs), reduces duplicate data entry and streamlines the administrative components of MTM completion by integrating data entry with the MRR completion process that consultant pharmacists already follow with their patients.

MTM services have been recognized as a payable service under Medicare Part D for over a decade, and increased emphasis on the Medicare Star Ratings related to Comprehensive Medication Reviews and medication use is driving innovation and even more interest in growing MTM service footprints (OutcomesMTM® Trends Report 2016).

CCG’s pilot program, which launched in August 2017, was used to test and enhance the platform as well as optimize OpalCare based on feedback. Early user Erin Graves, PharmD and Co-Founder of Medication Therapy Solutions, Inc. shared, “CCG opens the door for new service possibilities that consultant pharmacists have been left out of in the past. Being a CCG member is being part of the future of the pharmacy industry.”

Today, CCG is contracted with a MTM provider to give consultant pharmacists enrolled in the platform access to MTM-eligible patients. Terry Allard, President of Clinical Care Group, has witnessed the significant impact this single partnership has had on opportunity growth for their members, and anticipates a continued positive trend as partnerships grow.

"Consultant Pharmacists using CCG are finding that with just one insurance provider, over 20% of their LTC patients are eligible for MTMs. With more providers included, we expect that number to increase significantly,” said Allard. In early 2018, CCG plans to integrate with other major service providers in the long-term care space and will continue to expand MTM access across the nation.

About Clinical Care Group™
Clinical Care Group™ (CCG) is a business platform that unlocks a new revenue stream for independent consultant pharmacists/licensed health care providers by providing access to and back-end support for patients requiring Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Powered by OpalCare™, the only cloud-based and fully integrated software designed to streamline Medication Regimen Reviews (MRR) and MTMs, and supported by The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Virtual Pharmacy Network, CCG membership enables you to improve patient outcomes, streamline administration and grow your business. Learn more or sign up at


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