Care Plans

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Care Plans
Care Plans application provides a comprehensive library of problems, goals, and approaches
Care Plans application provides a comprehensive library of problems, goals, and approaches. You have the option of tailoring (adding, deleting, or editing problems, goals, and approaches) these libraries and the disciplines you will use for your care plans. You can also add customized care plans to the libraries to broaden care plans for specific protocols, diseases or health conditions. In addition, a template is provided so you can customize a care plan to meet a specific set of care requirements. Individualized care plans are driven by the resident assessment. Flow sheets can be developed from the care plan approaches with user-defined scheduled times for tasks to be completed including areas for documentation. Only those approaches designated by the clinician from the care plan will appear on the flow sheets. Flow sheets can also be defined for specific disciplines. The Care Plan Profile provides as automated Kardex for each resident. Upon admission, necessary care information can immediately identify needs such as ADLs and other specifics (i.e. dentures, appointments, prosthesis, and so on). Individual assignment sheets and a master assignment sheet, by facility defined groups, can be generated for any shift or day. Information in the Care Plan Profile may be updated whenever care needs are added, changed or discontinued.

Care Plan Profile / Kardex
The system profile provides a Care Plan Profile (automated Kardex) that is individualized for the resident. This Kardex may be updated at any time for any resident.

Individualized Care Plans
Individualized Care Plan Profiles can be printed that will give staff and overview of all care needs required for each resident.

Resident Assignment Sheets
Individual assignment sheets can be pulled from the resident profile.

Shift / Daily Assignment Sheets
Individual assignment sheets can be selected by specific days or shifts from the resident profile.

Master Assignment Sheets
The Master Assignment Sheet can be generated with facility selected tasks. It can be generated for multiple residents with information pulling from the resident profile. For example, you can generate assignments for a nursing assistants group, a nursing group, and so on.

Resident Care Needs Review
When you have a team conference to review the care needs for a resident, you can generate a schedule to outline the details on the Care Plan so the resident's care needs are met.

Care Libraries w/Problems, Goals, and Approaches
The PathLinks clinical applications provide multiple libraries of problems, goals and approaches based on professional standards of care.

Facility-defined Problems, Goals, and Approaches
You can define problems, goals and approaches that are appropriate for your residents and can be identified for appropriate care planning.

Facility-defined Care Plan Libraries
Your Care Plans are resident-specific, facility-defined (totally editable) by disciple for your facility. These plans can be used to generate a resident-specific, facility-defined flow sheets.

Customized Care Plans
You can also select from facility-defined customized Care Plans that have any desired number of problems, goals and approaches.

Resident-specific Flow Sheets
You can select and print flow sheets for individual or multiple residents for a specific discipline. The items on the flow sheet are those selected from Care Plans by the clinicians.

Discipline-specific Flow Sheets
Flow sheets can be generated for specific disciplines and specific residents.

Facility-specific Care Plan Libraries
You have options to enter free text in entering problems, goals and approaches. Of course you can set up customized Care Plan libraries or you can add to the libraries already available in the system.

Care Plan Menus
The drop down menu lists some of the many options available to you as you prepare Care Plans for your residents.

Editing a Care Plan
You can further define or edit the problems, goals and approaches to specify the needs of the residents with in a Care Plan. These are identified by a blue block. Once appropriate edits and information are entered for your resident, the blue block will disappear.

Care Plan History
When problems are discontinued, a red block will appear by the discontinued problem. Though the problem was discontinued, the detail is maintained in the resident's record but does not print out on the current Care Plan. Discontinued problems appear at the end of the Care Plan record and can be viewed in history. If the problem reoccurs, you can go the Care Plan history and reactivate the problem for current care planning.

Goals / Outcomes Assessment
A problem and goals review listing can be generated and used to assess the success for each resident in reaching the goals generated. If desired, you can assess if goals or intended outcomes were met.

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