News | May 11, 2017

As US Demand For Homecare Rises, Industry Races To Meet Seniors' Specialized Care Needs

  • First-of-its-Kind Training Program from American Heart Association, Home Care Company Honor to Ensure Better In-Home Care for Americans Recovering from Heart Disease, Stroke
  • Cardiovascular diseases No. 1 Cause of Death in US

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Home care startup Honor and The American Heart Association (AHA) today announced a first-of-its-kind agreement to bring the AHA's latest heart disease and stroke research out of the lab and apply it directly in the home. Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in the US, killing someone every 90 seconds, and 85.6 million Americans live with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke. Through this collaboration, Honor Care Pros will be trained on the latest AHA research in order to deliver specialized home care directly to clients suffering from heart disease or recovering from a stroke.

The relationship is part of a broader movement by organizations like the AHA to have a greater impact on patient care beyond clinical trials and hospital treatments. Honor is also collaborating with the Alzheimer's Association, American Cancer Society, and Parkinson's Foundation to use information and resources from these groups to educate and train its Care Pros.

"Care doesn't stop at the hospital door, so we need to find new ways to bring best practices in managing heart conditions into the home. This collaboration is a fantastic way to take the work the American Heart Association has conducted and directly apply it to coordinated home care to improve quality-of-life of our clients," said Honor Co-founder and CEO Seth Sternberg. "Our Care Pros will now have the tools, training and information needed to better manage the care of clients recovering from a stroke or living with heart disease. It's the next step in an ongoing process by Honor to bring specialized and customized in-home care to the country's 46 million seniors."

Over 27 million Americans live with heart disease. While doctors can prescribe medication and recommend diet and exercise regimens, there are few ways hospitals can ensure patients follow through on treatment. And while 90% of seniors want to remain in their homes, until recently, most home care companies didn't have the resources or manpower to provide specialized care for people suffering from specific medical conditions.

Through the AHA agreement, Honor Care Pros will now receive training on the nuances of caring for clients with heart disease as well as those recovering from a stroke. This will help ensure clients are receiving holistic support outside the clinical setting. Specifically, Honor Care Pros will learn about the kinds of foods that are best for heart disease clients, what sorts of daily exercises are good for them, and how to help clients monitor their overall condition.

"Since I had my stroke, Honor provided me with invaluable assistance during my recovery. My Care Pro Man had experience with stroke care and helped me with getting around and even came with me to doctor's appointments, took notes and tracked my recovery with notes in his Honor Care Pro app," said Honor client Nate F. "With this American Heart Association collaboration, it's comforting to know Man will now get even more specialized training to help me recover properly and remain healthy."

About The American Heart Association
The American Heart Association is devoted to saving people from heart disease and stroke – the two leading causes of death in the world. We team with millions of volunteers to fund innovative research, fight for stronger public health policies, and provide lifesaving tools and information to prevent and treat these diseases. The Dallas-based association is the nation's oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. To learn more or to get involved, call 1-800-AHA-USA1, visit or call any of our offices around the country. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Honor™
Honor launched service in 2015. The company operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Albuquerque. Honor's model allows it to provide high-quality care while driving down costs for families and pulling up wages while offering W2 employment. Honor has also partnered with the best and brightest industry advisors and investors. For more information, please visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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