News Feature | April 23, 2015

Apps For Nurses Offered By Apple, IBM

Katie Wike

By Katie Wike, contributing writer

BYOD Nurses

Four new apps geared towards nurses have been launched through a partnership between Apple and IBM.

Four new apps from IBM and Apple will soon be used to help healthcare workers access information on the go. According to Health Data Management , the partnership designed the apps for nurses rather than doctors and focused on what they feel was the most popular platform – the iPhone and iPad.

iHealth Beat writes the apps will aid nurses in coordinating care and prioritizing tasks by combining IBM’s big data and analytics with Apple’s mobile platforms.

According to Fierce Mobile Healthcare , the apps include:

● The Hospital RN tool, which enables nurses tap into record keeping systems, organization tools, and iBeacon technology for streamlined management tasks.

● Hospital Tech, which lets nursing assistants organize and prioritize tasks, which frees up time for patient care.

● Hospital Lead, which helps care managers and charge nurses better manage workloads, staff assignments, and patient discharge tasks.

● he Home RN app, which provides tools to gain greater efficiency in managing caseloads and reporting needs to specialists during home care interaction.

IBM’s website states, “Hospitals today must reconcile rising demand for care with operational costs. Nurses spend more time managing patient information than ever, while lack of team coordination and communication prolongs discharges and extends patient stays.

“With Hospital RN for iPhone, nurses quickly tap into integrated systems of record, task organization tools and iBeacon technology while staying connected to colleagues. All to promote better care while reducing costs through on target hospital stays.”

IBM explains the Hospital Tech App “equips nursing assistants and technicians with the tools to better organize and prioritize tasks, so they can spend more time caring for patients while staying connected to their team.”