News | September 6, 2005

AirOcare's Air Purification Units Now Available Worldwide

Partnership with leading manufacturer allows AirOcare to deliver safe and clean air to a variety of industries, including agriculture, health care, and real estate

Rockville, MD - AirOcare announced today that it has selected Mid-South Industries, Inc. to manage the production of their air purification and sanitization equipment. The decision was necessitated by the explosive worldwide demand for AirOcare technology, which uses oxygen ions to sanitize the air, eliminate odors, and kill bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and other contaminants.

AirOcare uses a patented process that oxidizes the air to kill contaminants. The system produces a controlled quantity of ionized oxygen, which bonds with and kills pathogens harmful to human health and fresh foods. As a result, perishable foods last longer, human illness due to airborne pollutants is decreased, and offensive odors are eliminated. AirOcare currently has more than 5,000 units deployed worldwide in a range of facilities and applications. In healthcare facilities, office and residential buildings, and along the cold chain of fresh foods, AirOcare products are being relied upon more and more to help customers eliminate contaminants and purify the air.

"Demand for AirOcare products and technology has surpassed our projections, and required us to adopt tighter controls on quality, compress manufacturing times, and streamline product delivery in order to meet international demand," says Jack Prouty, Chief Operating Officer of AirOcare. "Our partnership with Mid-South allows us to provide a high-quality product while lowering the cost and maintaining an uninterrupted supply flow for customers around the world."

As recent results have shown, this exciting technology is far from untested. Numerous independent tests, including several at government facilities in the U.S., have shown that the AirOcare system naturally kills, on contact, airborne and surface contaminants, including dangerous and sometimes fatal organisms such as E. coli, antibiotic resistant staph infection, MRSA, and Salmonella. AirOcare technology is extremely effective in eliminating molds, fungus; slowing food ripening and spoilage of fresh foods; is FDA and USDA approved for these purposes; and has been in use internationally for the past 13 years.

According to Prouty, the company's worldwide experience has allowed customers to see for themselves the benefits of AirOcare's technology, and has motivated them to order and install the company's equipment in record numbers.

"That demand required us to engage a manufacturer with the quality, standards, and capabilities to fulfill our customers' expectations and deliver a product that vastly improves sanitization and air quality in a range of industries and applications," he says.

"When human health and safety are at stake, you need to guarantee the highest quality standards, while shortening delivery times," says Bob Faulhaber, Vice President of Operations for Mid-South. "AirOcare understands that mission, which was critical to their decision to partner with us."

"In many industries, sanitization is the number one challenge in safeguarding human health, improving food safety, and reducing waste that occurs due to dangerous contaminants," says Prouty. "Our selection of Mid-South to produce our air purification units coincides with our commitment to quality, the environment, and human and food safety—a commitment that could only be met by a premier manufacturer like Mid-South."

SOURCE: AirOcare