News | August 10, 2021

MediTelecare Launches Transition To Home Program Via Tele-Technology

Program eliminates disruptions in care via mobile telehealth app MediTely™

Middletown, CT /PRNewswire/ - MediTelecare, the market leader in behavioral telehealth and tele-technology services to residents of long-term care facilities, today announced the transition of care program utilizing their newly launched telehealth MediTely™ app, transitioning patients from facility to home with no disruption to care.

Typically, skilled nursing centers may discharge 10-15% of their patients home each month. Patients often experience a disruption of care upon returning home and face the physical challenges of traveling to a medical office or clinic for care appointments. With the tele-technology transition and care team already in place, the patient avoids this disruption, ultimately creating greater clinical stability for patients and helping avoid unnecessary hospital admissions or emergency room visits.

This frictionless transition provides patients with continual access to medical and behavioral care when leaving a nursing home where they had around the clock care. MediTelecare believes this new program will help its facility partners provide a better continuum of care–ultimately helping bolster new facility admissions because families feel more connected to their older adult family members both while an inpatient and when going home.

The MediTely app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is designed especially for older adults who may just be accessing telehealth services for the first time. The app features and technology are supported by 24/7 available Care Coordinators, providing end-to-end support during this transition so each patient knows how and is able to access digital telehealth services via any mobile device.

"As a patient awaits discharge to home from a care facility, they face gaps in care – most troubling of which are behavioral health services, an often-overlooked component of a patient's care," said Dr. Sherie Friedrich, Chief Psychology Officer. "We're proud to offer transition of care via our MediTely app, which provides patients with a clear pathway back into the community – and a softer landing once they get there."

The transition of care program ensures a seamless experience for patients and their existing providers, reducing the burden on discharge planning teams to identify and secure behavioral health services for patients post-discharge.

"Through our support, payers, facilities and providers can achieve improved outcomes by ensuring their resident-patients have the necessary resources to safely and successfully recover at home," said Ed Mercadante, founder and CEO of MediTelecare. "With the launch of the transition of care program, we're excited to partner with more providers across the U.S. and to expand the reach of our behavioral telehealth services. It's a win-win for both LTC facilities and patients."

Learn more at and find MediTely at Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

About MediTelecare
MediTelecare, industry leader in providing technology enabled behavioral telehealth services to residents of skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, delivers technology devices, digital hub and app software products and services. Including a suite of virtual tools used by its employed psychology and psychiatry providers together with facility staff for 24x7 virtual referral, scheduling and clinical cloud interoperability. Proprietary digital clinical assessment and reporting analytics, MediReview™ and MediReport™, help staff identify and provide consistent care follow-up. MediTelecare services hundreds of facilities, over 45,000 residents, providing hundreds of thousands of patient encounters.

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