News | June 3, 2021

Landmark Health Expands Home-Based Medical Care For Seniors In New York


Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups announced today an expansion of services into Central New York. With this growth, Landmark’s house calls will reach senior patients across the state – covering the Capital District, Western New York, New York City and surrounding boroughs, and now Central New York. Landmark started seeing patients in New York state in 2014, and now with services available locally through eight health plans, nearly 50,000 eligible patients with complex, chronic conditions in the state have access to in-home medical care and care coordination.

Landmark is the only value-based house call provider at scale in New York and 16 other states, bringing doctors, advanced practitioners and care team members into the homes of the most clinically complex patients. The COVID pandemic has highlighted how virtual and mobile care solutions can be important components to help manage the care of seniors, especially frail and mobility-challenged patients.

“Our vision is to transform health care for our country’s frailest patients, helping them to stay healthy in their own homes,” said Nick Loporcaro, chief executive officer of Landmark Health. “Growing partnerships with health plans and expanding into new regions supports the critical shift in moving the site of primary care from the hospital into the home.”

Multiple studies and peer-reviewed research over several years shows that people with multiple illnesses are able to stay healthier in their home with appropriate care. Landmark doctors and advanced practice providers bring medical care to these patients in the home through coordination of care between patients’ primary care physicians and specialists. In addition to regular home visits and check-ins, 24/7 response to patients’ urgent needs, Landmark solutions keep patients from unnecessary emergency room visits.

“People want to age in place, living as long as they can in their homes, and we enable our nation’s sickest and frailest patients be able to do that,” said Michael Le, MD, Landmark Health co-founder and chief medical officer. “Seniors with multiple illnesses are the highest users of hospital emergency rooms and inpatient beds and spend significant time bouncing between medical visits. Expanding our in-home medical care into more regions increases healthy days, reduces mortality and brings priceless value and better health to families and communities.”

About Landmark

Since 2014, Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups (Landmark) have delivered comprehensive in-home medical care to older adults, 24/7 – 365 days a year. Specialized in complex chronic care, Landmark’s physician-led multidisciplinary teams work with patients’ existing healthcare networks to bring medical, behavioral, and palliative care, along with social services, to individuals where they reside. As one of the nation's largest value-based healthcare companies, more than 140,000 people across 17 states and 51 communities can access Landmark’s care. Most critically, Landmark is bending the cost curve in health care by reducing avoidable ER visits and hospital admissions, while extending the lives of patients.

Landmark is expanding in New York and nationally. If you are interested in a career in value-based, in-home medical care, visit If you are interested in a comprehensive house call program that drives whole-person outcomes for your highest needs population, visit

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